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Your clients should never hear "our server is down."

Successful businesses don't rely on luck. A work stoppage due to technical problems is always very expensive, in reputation as well as income. Any machine, like any employee, can have a bad day without notice. But if technical difficulties are anticipated and properly provisioned for in advance, work goes on.

Your technical infrastructure is as dependable as your IT company. If you don't like making excuses because of technical difficulties, then don't accept them. At Development Resources we understand that your reputation is on the line every day, just like ours is. And since our business is making sure that yours runs smoothly, we anticipate and prepare for remaining operational, with time tested best practices.

That includes not only optimized and tested servers, workstations and networks, but also redundancy in critical areas so that you can take a hit and keep on going. With remote monitoring to identify developing problems, and corrective action before they become critical, you shouldn't have much excitement. But if you need us, that's not the time to take a number, but to become the priority.

But no matter how dependable your IT company is, if it costs too much it really doesn't exist.

The term "invest in IT" exists to distinguish it from "cost of IT." When you invest in something you expect to get back more than you put in.

The purpose of IT is to reduce your losses and increase your profits. When done right, the losses prevented and the profits increased are always greater than the IT invoice. When IT fails to do this it is not an investment, but a cost, and has failed.

That means, when done right, your "IT cost" is negative, or at worst zero. And that means you should never hesitate to give us a call. We will carefully analyze your situation so that we never suggest expensive solutions beyond your needs, but solutions that will cost effectively fulfill your business requirements.

When an emergency occurs the cost of IT isn't just the invoice. The cost of disrupting your work flow far exceeds this.

Give us a call. A consultation to discuss your situation costs nothing.

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