Most "Backups" are Backups in name only

With our hourly full off-site backups you can go back through time to retrieve your files as they existed at a previous point.

If you copy your data and never alter the copy, you have a backup. But if you keep that copy synchronized, infected or corrupted files will replace its good ones. It may be called a Backup, but it is instead a synchronization.

If a virus or accident were to corrupt your data files on Friday, those changed files would be synchronized to your "Backup" right on schedule.

Then when you come in Monday and discover the damage, you would reach for your "Backup."

That's a poor time to learn the difference between a backup and what often passes for one. A real backup would still return good files. A synchronization will return the corrupted or infected files you already have. Your business might survive a fire or flood easier than this, for these events are what synchronizations protect against.

Our hourly full backups are frozen in time, so they can never be altered by the events that can damage your originals.

Remember, you are betting your company's life on your backup. Can you afford to "save" with a cheap imitation?

There are several ways you can access your backups. And yes, a legitimate, dependable, off-site backup system does cost a little more than a misnamed synchronization.

The bitter affects of lost data can linger long after the sweet bargain is forgotten.


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