Professional web design and SEO are now essential to compete

Websites aren't just for on-line shoppers. Today's shopper often begins with a web search, not the yellow pages, to find the store or phone number. Those with a poor web presence are now at a distinct disadvantage.
Dr. Thompson's Website

Don't settle for the scraps!

Is your website achieving it's potential? When you do a search for what you offer, do you find your business? Does your website put your best foot forward? Does it bring you business?

Unfortunately many small businesses have websites provided by companies that offered very cheap packages, produced in volume. They thought they were saving money. Only later do they discover that it continues to cost far more in lost business opportunities than the supposed savings.

Worse, when they check "whois" for their website, they discover that they don't even own it.

Others have created their own websites with inexpensive graphical tools. These are actually much better in most cases, because the site got the personal care it needed. But the promised Search Engine Optimization (SEO) just doesn't seem to produce much.

This is because effective SEO requires an intimate understanding of what the search engines are looking for and how they react, particularly, what SEO efforts can actually cause them to produce a lower ranking than a site with no SEO at all, a negative impact.

Don't step over a dollar to pick up a dime. Let Development Resources establish or enhance your web presence.

Today's shoppers are increasingly using mobile devices, such as Smartphones, to search the web. That's why our sites are now optimized for mobile devices, so they display properly without the need to pinch, spread and pan left and right, regardless of the device used. As an example, take a look at Precision Cleaning Services or Dr. Thompson's site. Or for something a little less reserved, this square dance site.

Whether you use a large display, a tablet or a small phone, the site comes up readable and fully featured, not split into two different versions, with one emasculated for mobile users, who clearly must not really matter. While using a large display, grip the side of the browser window and move left and right. Note how it auto-adjusts to fit any width. This is a fairly simple site that provides the critical contact information front and center. You don't want someone pinching, spreading and pawing to find this.

A professional website design, hand crafted and tailored to your particular needs, with personal diligent attention to detail, will put your best foot forward. As form follows function, all this is wrapped around a solid core of effective SEO to provide a clear path for your customer or client base to easily find you when they need you without first knowing your name.

Custom Web design, like anything else, produces more for those who invest in success, rather than those just trying to cut costs. Investments are for getting more back than you put in, so the actual cost of a professional web design and SEO done right is less than zero, that is, you make a profit on it.

As your professional web design and SEO company we will make your business a far more obvious choice. When someone finds your site they will immediately know they have come to the right place.

But we don't stop there. We stick around, monitor the response and make adjustments to make sure it achieves the desired results. We have to, because what you're actually investing in is not a professional website, or professional search engine optimization, but a successful, profit producing professional web design with SEO. No matter how much work goes into it, if it fails in its purpose, it is a failure. Do you get to charge for failure?

Regardless of what others may charge for, our reputation is worth more than an invoice, and there will be no invoice without success. And because the invoice cannot be larger than your increased profits, there is no cost to you, and therefore no risk. So give us a call and lets discuss your situation.


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