Search Engine Optimizaion (SEO) requires determination

The most beautiful and functional website is a failure if it is not findable. That makes SEO the single most critical part of a website. And that means web design MUST include SEO, incorporated as part of the design. If it does not, it is a hollow, faux website, and wasted effort.
Search Engine Report Page;

Would you want your website done by someone who couldn't even get their own company onto page 1 of the search engine report page?

There is a common, wrong, opinion, promoted by Google, that concern about Search Engine Optimization is not important as long as one follows the Google guidelines. And those guidelines don't include what it takes to succeed.

There is another common, also wrong, opinion, that a pretty good effort at SEO is enough.

Let me be clear. An A+ effort at SEO just doesn't cut it. And that isn't a matter of opinion. It's a matter of simple arithmetic.

In grade school we were indoctrinated with the very wrong assumption that an A represented excellence. Well, lets take a look at that assumption. We know that there are millions of websites competing to sell everything imaginable. To keep it simple, lets assume just 1000 competing to sell computer backup systems, as we do.

A little considered and unfortunate factoid is that there is room on page 1 of search results for only 10. And worse, there is room at the top of that page for only 1. So who will get those places? Not all, or half, or many of them, certainly. It's the real world reality show. The vast majority get sent "home" to the back pages, where they think they're doing pretty good and learn to brag "I'm glad I'm a Gamma."

Those assuming that all they have to do is follow the Google guidelines will not bother to leave no stone un-turned, and will have plenty of company, with most doing a pretty good job of following the Google Guidelines. They make up the bulk of the Also-Rans, and can reasonably expect to come in somewhere around 500th place. That is, around page 50.

Those who cling to the false assumption that an A means excellent will proudly beat out 90% of their competitors, and come in around page 10. And likewise for those who work at an A+ level, coming in around page 5. In reality, the A+ level is just approaching the starting line of findability.

Don't get me wrong, coming in on page 5 of search results is doing pretty good. Unfortunately, pretty good doesn't put food on the table. Its pretty much like bragging about the fish that got away.

Again, there is room for how many on page 1? And there is room for how many at the top of that page?

And who will get those places? At this point please do a search on the term "hourly full backups" and note the results.

Clearly, those places will go to those who actually understand that they are in competition, that take nothing for granted, that leave no stone un-turned, that go the extra mile, that MAKE SURE that all that can be done IS done, and nothing is left to luck.

My pastor recently published an article on Excellence, and it had nothing to do with any A+.

What is the meaning of the last word in SEO? Is an A+ optimum? Is an A+ effort acceptable to you?

And it isn't just SEO. Can you imagine going to a doctor that assumed that getting 95% right was excellent, or even good enough? Those that understand and pursue real excellence carry that mindset far beyond their official specialty. And yes, I look for this mindset in important matters, such as choosing my family doctor.

You know your clients won't let you get away with mere A+ performance. If you understand and expect real excellence, give us a call. A consultation to discuss your situation costs nothing.

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